Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hit up the freezer

Wednesday June 5th.
Last night was a typical night for me. I came home from the gym with no idea what to make for dinner and soon found out that we were low on veggies (veggies make up about 80% of what we eat). So to the freezer I went! I had some tofu that I had purchased during the day for lunch at work, so I new that would somehow be incorporated. While in the freezer and fridge this is what I found:

-Huge bag (started at about 5 lbs, now it is down to about 2 lbs) of broccoli rescued from school after the lunch staff left it for teachers.
-Bag of collard greens that were thrown into the freezer two weeks ago about a day before they went bad in the fridge
-Frozen miso soup we did not eat for dinner last week (about a cup and a half)

-3 radishes
-Soy sauce
-Shriveled piece of ginger (still good?)
-Napa Cabbage

-White Onion
-Salt and garlic powder
-nutritional yeast
-balsamic vinegar
-1/3 of a bag of soba noodles

Looks like I am making something Asian? I'm really not excited about this because most of my stir fry type dinner turn into a soy sauce mush. I am almost considering ordering Thai food. However,  I am going to try something slightly different in that I want to use the miso broth to make a "sauce/soup" instead of a full blown stir fry. Here goes.

Time to work. The frozen broccoli, collard greens and the onions go into a sauté pan, the broth into the micro to defrost. The tofu is cut into triangles and sent to the toaster oven with some soy, balsamic (just enough to cover it) with some salt, garlic and nutritional yeast sprinkled on top, for what I hope will be a crispy treat (it did not turn out that way, but the flavor was still there). The defrosted broth went into the pan with the veggies. The soba noodles went in to cook in this "soup" and embrace some of the flavor. The ginger was grated in at the end and still had a ton of great spice left in it to give the dish a bite.

When the noodles were done I spooned the soba soup on the bottom of a bowl, topped it with the raw napa cabbage, the radishes and finished it off with the tofu. Overall dinner was a success, Peter chose to add the left over ear of corn. I think I will try this again over a traditional stir fry. I am also really happy I used up the radishes and ginger that kept speaking to me every time I opened the fridge.

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